The Top 10 Wedding Bands in London - Updated Aug 2020

Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 October 2020 09:12
Best Wedding Bands London

Looking for a wedding band but had enough of trawling through pesky pub band’s Facebook pages? There’s really no need to be clicking on another low quality directory website with low resolution profile images, because we’ve provided the very best wedding bands for hire in a convenient list below. No more wasted evenings, just one top quality party band after another, so let this be the last of your searching!

Featuring the most Popular Wedding Bands

Call us biased, but after trawling through the internet for the best part of a decade, we think we’ve done a pretty good job of getting hold of the best wedding bands for hire in London High quality, professional musicians who’ve been performing in the circuit for years is what we look for in a band (preferably those who’ve graduated from top conservatories around the country and/or the Academy of Music!). Rest assured, our highly recommended wedding bands tick all of the boxes above and more!

Our agents have tooth picked the most popular London wedding bands for hire in 2020, each differing in budget and size, to offer a smorgasbord of bands to thumb through. Whether your event is large or small, we hope our selection will meet your requirements and help you find the perfect wedding band for your special event or occasion! But let's get down to it, below are our top 10 wedding bands for hire in London.


Arguably one of the best 12-piece party bands on the London circuit is ‘Atlantica’ whose live performances are second to none! Ranging from a 5-piece band upwards, they certainly pack a punch with their energetic, unconfined performances which see their musicians leaving the stage to join the audience on the dance floor for a truly unforgettable experience! Their wireless microphones leave the band boundless to wander the room and encourage every guests to join in on the festivities and create an incredible party atmosphere like no other!

Soho Soul

Featuring our newest, exclusively signed act to Bands For Hire - ‘Soho Soul’! We snapped up these insanely talented musicians last year when they approached us to join our agency. Leah has a phenomenal voice, completely unique and inimitable, she is the centre piece of this vibrant band full of hidden surprises up their sleeves. These musicians have been on the circuit for a number of years, some of which have supported and performed alongside Lenny Kravitz, Kings of Leon and Alabama Shakes to name a few!


If you’re looking for a vocalist that will simply blow your guests out of the water, then you needn’t look any further than ‘Halycon’. The video posted above is a live performance the band recorded last year - no post-production or touching up, just raw and unadulterated talent! The band have been gigging professionally across the UK and globally a long time before they joined our agency back in 2016, which is one of the many reasons we did not hesitate in adding them to the website when they approached us.


Meet Atlantica, an energetic and entertaining party band bringing you the absolute best from the past six decades. Atlantica...
From £2785 + VAT
An upbeat soul band from London who bring an abundance of style and charisma to the stage! Having studied in numerous music ...
From £1195
Halcyon are a lively and dynamic party band covering a wide range of music for every generation. This young and stylish band ...
From £1955


The Oliver Soul Band

Oliver originally joined our agency as a solo act accompanied by backing tracks. His charisma and stage presence was an instant hit, so much so that we suggested he put together a live band to accompany him - voila! The Oliver Soul Band has been running for the past 2 and half years and they’ve been a huge success performing at weddings, corporate events and much more all over the country.

The Tricks

The Tricks are without a doubt one of our most popular bands and their unique medleys and authentic sound make them one of the best wedding bands to hire in London, hands down! Reading the crowd, gauging their audience and interacting with guests is something this band has mastered over the years. Creating medleys is a great way to give the audience more of what they want (without having to perform for 5 hours straight!), which is something The Tricks have spent a lot of time and energy into crafting.

The Relays

London has a whole host of bands and live acts to choose from, but if you’re wanting to find the rose among the weeds, we highly suggest checking out ‘The Relays’. Few bands give off the confidence and energy whilst performing that make it feel like you’re watching a famous band perform live, but this band never falls short of creating this atmosphere.


With an abundance of charisma, on-stage charm and talent, The Oliver Soul Band have got the goods to take your event to the n...
From £2225 + VAT
Introducing The Tricks - London’s most prestigious function band, available to book for weddings, corporate functions, busi...
From £1545
With a penchant for creating an electrifying live performance, The Relays offer non-stop party anthems all night long! With ...
From £1750


Sound City

Sound City approached us as a duo back in 2017 and they blew us away with their demo! So much so, that we asked them to find a drummer and put together a band. A few months on and Sound City was up and running and they’ve been one of the most popular bands on our agency. Featuring killer vocals and harmonies, alongside with a tight knit 3-piece sound, this power trio is storming the UK wedding scene!

The Fix

A hugely successful, high end function band who have been performing professionally on the UK scene & globally for a number of years. Festivals, weddings, large corporate events and so much more, this band have done it all and seasoned musicians on the function scene with an incredible live performance. Featuring stunning vocals and slick line up, this 4-piece pack an almighty punch with their incredible covers and live sound!

The Fiction

A staple function band in and around London, this band have been tearing up parties, kickstarting events and making some unforgettable memories for wedding guests for many years. An epic repertoire full of classics, contemporary hits and much more, The Fiction are equipped to fill any dance floor of all age ranges and musical tastes - definitely a band to watch out for!


A dynamic and lively trio who bring an abundance of talent, charm and charisma to each and every event. Having studied at th...
From £995
The Fix are a fresh and vibrant young band bringing a high energy show to get your event rockin'! The band offer their uniqu...
From £1985
The Fiction are a fun and entertaining function band performing popular songs from the past five decades. This talented and ...
From £1295