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Wedding Bands Under £1000

15 awesome wedding bands under £1000

We represent a whole host of bands at every price bracket, from lively duos with backing tracks to rockin’ trios, party bands with horns and beyond.

As your budget increases it’s bound to open up more options, but if you’re looking for a band under a grand, there are plenty of hidden gems out there, especially lively duos and trios.

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Best Wedding Bands London

The Top 10 Wedding Bands in London - Updated Aug 2020

Looking for a wedding band but had enough of trawling through pesky pub band’s Facebook pages? There’s really no need to be clicking on another low quality directory website with low resolution profile images, because we’ve provided the very best wedding bands for hire in a convenient list below. No more wasted evenings, just one top quality party band after another, so let this be the last of your searching!

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Wedding bands with Sax

Best Wedding Bands with Saxophone and Horns: Top 20

Ever wonder how some wedding bands just seem to have that extra oomph? Well, their secret to obtaining this huge sound is simple enough - add a horn section to the line up! Brass instruments naturally complement the rhythm section and help elevate certain tracks by accentuating the beat, so it's no secret that we all love to get down with the trumpets!

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Best Wedding Bands UK

Who are the best high-end wedding bands in the UK right now?

Sometimes only the absolute best will do, but who exactly are the best premium wedding bands in the UK right now?

There are literally hundreds of top class function bands working in the wedding industry at the moment and with the evolution of the music business over the past 20 years there’s never been a better time to find pro musicians, bands and singers for your event.

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