Flamenco Puro

A true master of the strings, Flamenco Puro effortlessly crafts a passionate and beautiful performance combining both Latin American rhythms as well as spellbinding Palos. Protege of renowned master Juan Martín, Flamenco Puro has graced some of the worlds top venues with his heartfelt performances.

Often described by his peers as “truly outstanding” and “breathtaking” the way Flamenco Puro dances up and down the strings will leave you both speechless and hypnotised. Able to provide background music of the highest calibre as well as the main focus for any event or party, Flamenco Puro’s spirit is focused on providing the very best in traditional Flamenco guitar.

If you’re looking to add that exotic touch to your wedding ceremony or drinks reception then look no further than, Flamenco Puro - guitarist extraordinaire.

From £450


    • Alegrías
    • Bulerías
    • Fandango
    • Farruca
    • Garrotín
    • Granaína
    • Guajiras
    • Malagueñas
    • Rumba
    • Rondeña
    • Sevillanas
    • Siguiriyas
    • Serranas
    • Soleá
    • Tarantas
    • Taranto
    • Tangos
    • Tientos
    • Verdiales
    • Zambra
    • Zapadiado

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